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Search Engine Optimization

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Link Building

In SEO one of the most important factors for higher rankings, it is the method of promoting your website links to other websites. Amayax is the best SEO services in India, here are LinkBuilding experts are efficient in creating natural backlinks for SEO.

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Off Page SEO

Higher search rankings are equated with higher credibility. External attempts are placed into building links, improving off-site presence, and connecting with the right channels.

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On Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a process to optimize the pages and improve the visibility of your website on organic search engine result pages. Your website is upgraded and implemented with powerful SEO techniques for content and keyword optimization.

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Real Time Analytics

Real-time data is a piece of information that is provided right after the collection. It is mostly used for tracking metrics, and it’s incredibly useful for SEO purposes. It helps you to understand the behavior of the customer.

Real-time analytics is a game-changer, currently, it is on the top of the list. Marketers should take advantage of its capabilities to grow their business.

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Online Marketing

If your brand image is positive, there is a huge chance of a higher conversion rate. Online marketing is the best practice of supporting web-based channels to spread a message about a company’s brand, products, or services to its potential customers.

The methods and techniques used for online marketing include email, social media, display advertising, search engine optimization, Google AdWords and much more.

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Pay Per Click

It is a process of internet marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time one hits on their ads. Each campaign is designed after the research and analysis done for a better understanding of the audience.

We optimize PPC campaigns in such a way that your ad ranks on the highest possible slot at least cost per click.

We are the best PPC management company that helps you to optimize/manage your bids and optimize campaigns to achieve low click-through rates & high conversion rates.

We manage your campaign effectively and help attain maximum ROI (return on investment).

Social Marketing

Email Marketing

We are a goal-focused digital agency with the best SEO services in India, that crafts engaging emails to drive your audience into customers. The process of email marketing includes; Audience research, Campaign Design, Email Optimization, Marketing Automation, and Analysis.

Our email marketing services help to boost your sales and connect you with your customers.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing

We live in a social world, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are the faces of your brand for your customers. Social marketing is a powerful way for businesses to reach their prospects.

Social Media Marketing help in gaining a finely targeted audience for achieving brand awareness, generating website visits from social posts, increasing app installs and much more – our experts will tailor your media needs according to your budget.