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Get guidance on the right technologies and skills to invest in

Let us know about your project needs and goals—the more detailed the better. Depending on your goals, we prepare a tech roadmap with a hiring plan and technical consultation

  • AmayaX's team extension service allows you to hire pre-vetted, world-class developers as part of your team.
  • We handle all aspects of finding, vetting, and choosing the right candidates that you don't have the time, focus, desire, or sometimes expertise to do.
  • Most of our competitors provide TRANSACTIONAL hiring services. You post a gig, they match you up with a developer and you take it from there. We aren't a transactional service.
  • Best of all, you don’t need to spend hours sifting through online profiles, sorting candidates by hourly rates, and then picking the person you hope can do the job quickly, reliably, and for the right price.
  • We use our proven processes, experience, and engagement models to make sure remote engagement delivers successful results.
  • This way you get the best of both worlds. You get transparency, access, and skill set you get from working with full-time developers. You also get the benefit of an experienced technology firm who is involved in successfully delivering your project.
  • None! We operate under the policy that it is our responsibility to find you the right person for the job. If you don’t find the right one, you won’t spend a dime.

Hire the best developer for your project

Whether you want to add a member to your existing tech team or build a standalone project from scratch, we can help you find the best developers for the job and make sure the project is successfully delivered on time.

Making an effective corporate website requires technical awareness, diligence information and a good deal of expertise.

With over years’ of experience in creating corporate websites for companies in the technology and modern electronics industries, AmayaX Infotech has the ability that you require.

Our Expert will design your website with careful consideration to make sure that all desired things are equally in terms of determined and design liking.

web designer in india
web designer in india

You won’t know where your team ends and ours begins

We match our development operations to your engineering culture, processes and ways of working. Our developers work within your systems and our tech leads receive their priorities directly from you.

  • Our team spends the time to understand your processes, who the stakeholders are, who the users are by doing sessions around user stories, code architecture (system or functional level), and most importantly business goals. Technology alignment and collaboration with your developers is critical here.
  • We try to learn as much as possible. How you like to work, how the code should be structured, how tasks should be assigned, how questions should be asked, how suggestions should be given, how to do standups etc.
  • As a client, you will own all the intellectual property of all paid-for work. We provide an NDA to protect confidentiality. All our team members sign a strict contract to protect your IP.

Get quality Services delivered, on time, on budget

With our fully-managed development service, you get proven processes and expertise that ensures remote engagement delivers successful results. We take ownership and guarantee the delivery and quality of your project.

  • In order to execute projects on time, you need to plan sprints as much as possible.
  • Typically, in an agile development process, we will divide the implementation process into several checkpoints rather than a single deadline. They are called iterations and are part of each sprint.
  • We document everything from application and code level architecture decisions, to live user stories document, to design focused UX/UI/Design System documents.
  • A successful peer review strategy for code review requires a balance between strictly documented processes and a non-threatening, collaborative environment.
  • We have gotten much better about integrating QA in our development process. We used to loop QA in after our code was pushed to the master branch, which was clunky.
  • Now our QA engineers will identify and create a test plan as soon as we begin working on the next sprint. As initial development nears completion, an engineer and a QA engineer will run through test scenarios together.
web designer in india

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