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Our Approach

Stage #1

Give an Estimate
We are one of the best Mobile App Development Company in Mumbai. We start the project by gathering the idea, requirements, goals, objectives, and mission to achieve as an organization. We create a workflow for the understanding of the software to be developed from concept to reality that clears to both (You and Us).

Our guarantee
We assure you that the product, all charges, and the given timeframe will be the same as mentioned in the estimation stage. There will be NO HIDDEN charges.

Sign a Contract
Once the project sketch is approved, we enter into a formal contract with our client so work can begin.

Our Approach

Stage #2

Define the Architecture
We analyze and study Human Interaction with different kinds of Apps, as it plays a vital role in developing the App. Accordingly; we evolve the structure of your app, laying out its components and the links between them. To assure that the app is reliable and bug-free; we analyze optimal technologies and frameworks and then create the app infrastructure.

Create a Design
Our software designers will design your App to see your Project logic as a whole concept. They create wireframes of your Mobile App to get the look and feel and test User Experience firsthand before they set for coding.

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Our Approach

Stage #3

Make a Layout
We analyze wireframes and blueprints developed during the previous stages and acknowledge the best ways to render them in intuitive UI/UX design. A clean layout provides the end-user with seamless navigation and adds greatly to the overall progress of the app.

Develop the app
Our experienced engineers will create the actual code based on the above finalization. You will receive an agile methodology at AmayaX, which is the best Mobile App Development Company in Mumbai.

Our Approach

Stage #4

Quality Audit (QA)
By the end of each phase, we develop, test, demo, and implement the client feedback. It helps us to keep the project on track and deliver the best.

AmayaX is the best Mobile App Development Company in Mumbai, which gives you product bugs-free. After Development first, we will release a beta version of the App for user testing. Meeting all the criteria successfully, we are all set to launch your App.

Following app release, we provide our customers with continuous support that goes beyond on-time updating, assuring a unified client-product strategy.

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